Lorraine and Shenandoah - Recent Newlyweds Enjoying the Fun and Sun April 12,2017

Romantic Myrtle Beach weddings are the perfect way to create a special day that will live on in your memories for a lifetime. Whether you are looking for a calm place to enjoy privacy with your special someone, or enjoy all of the fun and sun of beach weddings, Myrtle Beach is a great choice. People from all over the world have flocked to the area to take advantage of the unique charm that can only be found here.

Take two of our recent clients for example. When looking for the best Myrtle Beach wedding venues, they found our services and were impressed. Needless to say, they were beyond happy with how the day turned out and will be sure to look back fondly for years to come.

Lorraine and Shenandoah`s Special Day

When Lorraine and Shenandoah approached us for their wedding, Myrtle Beach stood out as the go-to option to capture all of the charm and beauty they were looking for. White was the color of choice for this beach wedding ceremony, which paired perfectly with the glittering sand ceremony by the sea. They said their vows in front of our experienced Myrtle Beach wedding officiant, and a traditional cake cutting ceremony helped complete the experience, as the couple fed one another their first bite of cake against a seaside backdrop.

 A Myrtle Beach wedding photographer was the perfect way to cap off the event, ensuring that the day would live on in their memories forever. When the entire ceremony was over, the two were able to enjoy a relaxing Myrtle Beach honeymoon against a backdrop of the peaceful surf.

 It is easy to see why weddings in Myrtle Beach are such a success, and why Myrtle Beach wedding packages are only becoming more popular. What could make the day more complete?

Completing the Experience

North Myrtle Beach weddings combine all of the fun and sun the area is known for, while also offering a wide range of attractions that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Whether it’s amusement parks, nightlife, or just enjoying the warm atmosphere, there is certainly something for everyone. Weddings in Myrtle Beach are an ideal option for those of us like Lorraine and Shenandoah, who want to experience everything a thriving resort town has to offer while also basking in the warm glow of the sun.

See for yourself and find out how you can get hitched at the beach with your very own Myrtle Beach simple wedding day.



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